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Travel case for Love Letter

Stylish travel case in the shape of a letter with a decorative seal, which will easily hold the complete game Love Letter. In addition, it hides practical victory point counters for all four players.

The photos are for illustrative purposes only, the game itself is not part of the offer.

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Simple but practical travel case that can safely hold the complete game Love Letter including the rule book. The seal has letters LL on it standing for the name of the game (product pictures are only illustrative and they have czech version on it)

In addition, there are two sliders on each half of the box, marking 0-5 winning points. Thanks to them, you can easily keep track of the progress of the game for up to 4 players.

The case has the smallest possible size so it fits even just in your pocket. This allows you to have the game at all times on you and play it on the go, for example.

The closing mechanism is simple and reliable, the two parts only slide into each other.


ATTENTION: The product is intended for older version of the game (you can see the original paper box of Czech version in the product photos) and is therefore not compatible with the current newest version. Please consider for yourself if it is suitable also for your version of the game in your language

Delivered in a wine cloth bag.


Designed for unsleeved cards.

The game itself is not part of the offer.

This is not an officially licensed product.


Our unique original design.

As with all our products, two-color 3D printing technology was used for production.

Material: ABS plastic

Box dimensions: 94x70x12 mm

Made in the Czech Republic.

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