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Suitcase organizer for Codenames

This unique luxury case will enrich the experience of your every game. It is intended for storage of all components of the basic version of Codenames. Traveling with this game couldn't be more stylish!

The photos are for illustrative purposes only, the game itself is not part of the offer.

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Replace the original game box with this unique piece from our production, which will perfectly complement the theme of the game about secret agents and would not be lost even in James Bond's equipment!

In the lower part of the case you will find space for storing all 200 word cards. The middle part will be used to store plates of agents, civilians, a murderer, and even an hourglass will find its place. In the lid there is a special hinged part looking like two displays, in which all 40 key cards divided into two piles are hidden. The open briefcase will thus also serve as a replacement for the key card holder on the table, and the main agents will look into it throughout the game.

We recommend turning over one of the decks to make it clear which cards you are following in the game. Replacing these cards is very simple, when you just press two black "buttons" on the edges of the bottom edge of the silver hinged part and the whole display part opens.

The two silver locks will then make sure that the case can be closed securely and, of course, the stylish movable handle must not be missing.

Based on our experience and feedback from players, we firmly believe that this add-on will very quickly become an integral part of the game for you.

Delivered in a wine cloth bag, which we recommend to use as a transport packaging, to prevent the possible formation of fine scratches, to which the matte black material is unfortunately a little more prone.


Designed for unsleeved cards.

The game itself is not part of the offer.

This is not an officially licensed product.


The case is made by our method of two-color 3D printing with subsequent post-production and construction-wise it is the most complex product of our portfolio.

Material: ABS plastic

Dimensions when closed: 165x115x50mm

Made in the Czech Republic.

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