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Organizer for Tiny Epic Galaxies

A complete solution for storing all components of the base game Tiny Epic Galaxies in the themed sci-fi design.

The photos are for illustrative purposes only, the game itself is not part of the offer.

308,43 Kč
In stock

Make game preparation and storage easier and enrich your gaming experience with this unique set.

All player figures will find their place in boxes in the shape of space rockets in the corresponding colors.

A box covered with a detailed relief with a motif of sci-fi panels and technology is then prepared for the cards. It is used to store cards of planets and also secret tasks and is large enough to hold cards even from the Beyond The Black expansion. Like the rocket boxes, it closes with a simple snap on lid.

The set also includes a small cloth bag for dices.

Designed for cards without sleeves.
The game itself is not part of the offer.
This is not an officially licensed product.

As with all our products, 3D printing technology was used for production.
This is our original unique design.

Comes in a cloth bag.

Material: ABS

Made in the Czech Republic.

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