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About us

We are a small team of board game enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field of 3D printing, which we dedicated to the small series creation of unique accessories for modern board games of various kinds.

All products are completely designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic and you will not find them anywhere else. For each product, not only practicality and functionality are important to us, but also the overall design, which tries to correspond as best as possible with the look and theme of the game and thus significantly enrich not only the comfort, but also the overall experience of the game.

We use high-quality 3D printing for production using completely custom two-color printers designed to measure by us. This technology allows us to create unique products, but also brings its challenges and minor difficulties in terms of serial production, which, however, thanks to the precise production process and rich experience, managed to reduce to an absolute minimum, thus guaranteeing overall above-standard processing quality. Even so, please keep in mind that each piece produced is to some extent original and sometimes minor imperfections may occur. However, we always guarantee the maximum functionality of the products and we believe that they will serve you reliably for many, many years.

As a material, we never use the most common PLA plastic in 3D printing, which is prone to higher temperatures and especially in the summer months, staying in direct sunlight or in the trunk of a car could be fatal. All our products are therefore made of more durable materials and can withstand temperatures of at least 90 ° C, so you don't have to worry about them.

Follow us on social networks so that you do not miss other upcoming projects in the future and also do not be afraid to contact us here with suggestions for improvement or ideas for other accessories for your favorite games.

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